Raw Materials Control

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Wellgreen Planting Base

Wellgreen Technology Planting base, from the source to control product quality. Before purchasing the base before delivery sample laboratory testing after passing the order, scientific sampling after the arrival of large shipments and testing again, qualified after production, from the source of layers of control to ensure product quality.

In the base, there are more varieties of herbs planted, covering different varieties such as tea, Chinese medicinal materials, spices and so on. The planting cycle also varies by variety, generally ranging from a few months to two or three years. In order to ensure the growth environment and quality of plants, base managers usually carefully manage and adopt scientific technologies and measures in fertilization, irrigation, harvesting and other aspects. Through these methods, herb planting bases can provide high-quality raw materials to support the development of plant extract industries.

Land selection
The base chooses fertile, well-drained, sunny, air circulation land to meet the needs of plant growth.

Seed selection
Select suitable varieties and excellent seeds to reduce the occurrence of diseases and pests.

Planting management
The use of scientific planting and management measures to improve plant resistance to disease and promote plant growth and development.

Ensure the quality of raw materials
Through independent planting, conditions such as seed varieties, planting environment and pesticide use can be controlled, thereby improving the quality and purity of plant raw materials.

Ensure a stable supply
Through reasonable planting planning and management, we can master the output and harvest time of raw materials, and ensure that planting is conducted according to demand, so as to stabilize the supply of market demand.

Reduce costs and risks
Compared to relying on external suppliers, growing your own can reduce intermediate links and transportation costs, and reduce risks with suppliers.

Improve quality control
Through standardized pesticide use, health monitoring and quality testing and other means, it can effectively prevent and control the production of diseases, pests, heavy metals and other pollutants, and ensure the quality and safety of products.