Organic Coprinus Comatus Powder

Latin name: Copyindscomatus (MUII.Fr) Gray
Appearance: Fine texture powder
Grade: Food grade,100% pure natural
Active Ingredient: Polysaccharide
Free Sample: Avaliable
Test Method: HPLC
Stock: In Stock
Shelf Life: 24 Months
Transport Package: Aluminum Foil Bag/Drum
Storage: Cool Dry Place
Certificates: EOS Organic/NOP Organic/ISO9001: 2015/ISO22000/Halal/Kosher/HACCP

*Organic certification meets USDA National Organic Program specifications

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Product Introduction

What is Organic Coprinus Comatus Powder?

Coprinus Comatus Powder.jpgOrganic coprinus comatus powder alludes to a powdered type of the Coprinus comatus mushroom, otherwise called the "shaggy mane" mushroom or "legal counselor's hairpiece." Coprinus comatus is a palatable mushroom that is generally perceived for its special appearance and unmistakable flavor.

Coprinus comatus mushrooms are portrayed by their tall, round, and hollow shape and white tone. At the point when youthful, the covers of these mushrooms are shrouded in white scales, looking like a shaggy hairpiece, which gives them their normal name. As the mushrooms experienced, the covers smooth out and at last disintegrate into an inky dark fluid, prompting another normal name, "inky cap."

Coprinus comatus mushrooms have been consumed for culinary purposes in different foods around the world. They have a fragile, exquisite taste and a delicate surface. The mushrooms can be utilized in various dishes, including sautés, soups, stews, pasta dishes, and omelets.

It is made by drying and crushing the mushrooms into a fine powder structure. This powder can then be utilized as a flavoring or fixing in different recipes. It can add a novel hearty flavor and smell to dishes, upgrading their general taste profile.

COA of 100% Nature Coprinus Comatus Powder




Test Methods

PhysicalChemical Testing


Light yellow powder



Particle Size

≥95.00%pass through 80 mesh




Typical of coprinus comatus, no off flavor.




<7.0 %


GB 5009.3

Total Ash

<6.0 %


GB 5009.4


< 1.0 mg/kg


BS EN ISO 17294-2/ICP-MS


< 1.0 mg/kg


BS EN ISO 17294-2/ICP-MS


<0. 1 mg/kg


BS EN 13806/AAS


< 1.0 mg/kg


BS EN ISO 17294-2/ICP-MS

*Pesticides (Eurofins 539 items)



EN 1239:2013 GC-HPLC

Microbiological Testing

Total plate count

≤ 10000cfu/g


GB 4789.2

Yeast & mold


< 100cfu/g

GB 4789. 15




GB 4789.3




GB 4789.4/ISO 6579- 1




GB 4789. 10




GB 4789.38/ISO 7251


2 years. Product should be stored and shipped in cool &dry place away from moisture, light, heat


Conform with specification.

Organic Coprinus Comatus Powder Key Features

◆ High-quality Powder is produced in our state-of-the-art facility.

◆ Short delivery time to meet your urgent requirements.

◆ Large-scale plant extraction warehouse to ensure a steady supply.

◆ Complete certificate certification for quality assurance.

◆ Rich in nutrients and health-promoting compounds.

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Coprinus Comatus Powder Benefits and Applications:

This powder offers a wide range of benefits and can be used in various applications:

◎ Healthy benefit: Coprinus comatus is plentiful in protein, dietary fiber, nutrients (like vitamin B complex), and minerals. Integrating this powder into your eating routine can give these fundamental supplements.

Cell reinforcement Properties: The mushroom contains different cell reinforcements that assist with combatting free extremists in the body, possibly diminishing oxidative pressure and advancing by and large wellbeing.

Insusceptible Help: Coprinus comatus mushrooms might have insusceptible upgrading properties, assisting with reinforcing the body's normal guard components.

Stomach-related Well-being: The dietary fiber present in Coprinus comatus can uphold solid assimilation and help with keeping up with normal defecations.

Culinary Applications: Coprinus comatus powder can be utilized as a flavoring or fixing in different culinary manifestations, including soups, stews, pan-sears, and pasta dishes, from there, the sky is the limit. It confers a novel flavor and fragrance to dishes, upgrading their general taste profile.

Customary Medication: In a few customary restorative practices, Coprinus comatus has been utilized for its potential medical advantages, like supporting liver capability, helping processing, and advancing by and large essentialness.

Supplements: Organic Drumstick Mushroom Powder is accessible in a supplement structure, permitting people to integrate its likely advantages into their day-to-day schedule helpfully.

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