Aloe Vera Extract Powder

Latin Name: Aloe barbadensis Miller
Appearance: Yellow or light yellow crystalline powder
Used Plant Part: Aloe vera whole leaf
Specification: 10%, 20%, 95%
Active Ingredients: Aloin(A+B)
Test Method: HPLC
Shelf Life: 2 years
Application: Food, Health product addition, Dietary Supplement
Packaging: 1-5kg/Aluminum foil bag ;25kg/Drum or OEM
Certificates: ISO9001: 2015/ISO22000/Halal/Kosher/HACCP

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Product Introduction

What is Aloe Vera Extract Powder?

Aloe Vera Extract Powder is a characteristic plant removed from the Aloe Vera plant. It is generally utilized in different ventures, including beauty care products, drugs, and food and drinks. Walgreen's aloin powder is produced using unadulterated and top-notch Aloe Vera plants, guaranteeing the most significant level of adequacy and well-being.

COA Of Aloin 95% A+B

Test items and results







Physical&Chemical Testing


Yellow Powder






Identification by TLC,UV, colorimetric.



Partly soluble in boiling water.Soluble in hot ethanol(96%).


Sieve Analysis

NLT 95% Through 80 mesh


Residue On Ignition



Loss On Drying






Heavy Metals



Lead (Pb)



Arsenic (As)






Microbiological Testing

Total plate count







Not detected

Not detected


Not detected

Not detected


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Not detected

Shelf life and Storage

2 Years. Cool & dry place. Keep away from strong light and heat.


Conform to BP2010.

Benefits of Aloe Vera Extract

This offers several potential benefits, which include:

● Skincare

It is known for its hydrating and relieving properties for the skin. It can assist with saturating dry skin, decrease aggravation, relieve disturbance, and advance the recuperating of minor injuries and consumes. The powder may likewise further develop in general skin well-being and appearance, leaving the skin feeling delicate, graceful, and restored.

Stomach-related Wellbeing

Aloe vera has been customarily used to help stomach-related wellbeing. The aloin powder might assist with further developing processing by alleviating and quieting the stomach-related framework. It might possibly ease side effects like indigestion, heartburn, and bulging. Furthermore, it might make a gentle purgative difference, helping with the delicate alleviation of clogging.

Insusceptible Framework Backing

This powder contains different bioactive parts that can assist with supporting the invulnerable framework. It is wealthy in cell reinforcements, which can assist with combatting unsafe free extremists and oxidative pressure in the body. Supporting areas of strength for a framework can add to in general well-being and the body's capacity to battle against sicknesses.

Calming Impacts

It has calming properties that can assist with decreasing aggravation in the body. This can be helpful for people encountering fiery circumstances, for example, joint pain and skin issues like dermatitis or psoriasis. By decreasing irritation, this powder might assist with easing related uneasiness and advance recuperation.

Antimicrobial Movement

It shows antimicrobial properties, which can assist with inhibiting the development of specific microorganisms and growths. This can make it valuable for advancing injury mending and forestalling contaminations. It is especially gainful for minor cuts, scraped areas, and bug nibbles.

Wholesome Substance

Aloe vera extricate powder contains fundamental nutrients, minerals, proteins, and amino acids that add to its health benefits. These supplements can give a lift to by and large well-being and prosperity.


Aloe Vera Leaf Extract is derived from the Aloe vera plant, and has various application fields, including:

Skincare and Beauty care products

It is usually utilized in skincare and corrective items for its valuable properties on the skin. It tends to be found in creams, salves, lotions, serums, facial coverings, and other excellent items. This powder saturates and hydrates the skin, decreases aggravation, calms bothering, advances injury recuperating, and works on the general appearance.

Nutraceuticals and Dietary Enhancements

The powder is used in the development of dietary enhancements and nutraceuticals because of its potential medical advantages. It very well may be tracked down as cases, tablets, powdered enhancements, and beverages. Aloe vera remove powder is accepted to help stomach-related well-being, support the resistant framework, help in detoxification, and give cancer prevention agent properties.

Food and Refreshments

This powder might be utilized in the food and refreshment industry. It very well may be added to juices, smoothies, yogurts, well-being drinks, and other consumable items. Aloe vera extricate powder is at times utilized for its dietary benefit, potential stomach-related medical advantages, and as a characteristic seasoning or utilitarian fixing in specific food details.

Natural Cures and Conventional Medication

It has a past filled with use in conventional medication frameworks for different diseases. It is accepted to have calming, antimicrobial, and wound-recuperating properties. In a few conventional practices, it is utilized topically or orally for skin conditions, stomach-related problems, and resistant help.

Creature Care Items

It can be found in creature care items like pet shampoos, conditioners, and skin creams. It is accepted to give skin mitigating and molding impacts for creatures with skin disturbances or dryness.

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Our Manufacturing Facilities

Wellgreen has a best in class fabricating office outfitted with trend-setting innovation and gear for the extraction and creation of Aloe Vera Concentrate Powder. Our huge scope plant extraction stockroom guarantees a consistent stockpile of great items to satisfy the needs of our worldwide clients.

Quality Certification

We understand the importance of product quality. Wellgreen holds various certifications, including ISO9001, Kosher, and Halal. These certifications guarantee that our Aloe Vera Extract Powder meets the highest quality standards and is safe for consumption and application.

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